Pitch Perfect, Spring Season Week Four

Pitch Perfect, Spring Season Week Four
By Ali Adelman

There was some worry that the week’s games would be cancelled due to rain, but the league not only battled on but even gave the leaderboard some shuffling. Torts Illustrated, who was only able to hold the lead for a single week, was bumped in Week Four by the new arrivals this season, Dirty Briefs. Torts Illustrated also suffered a tough loss to the Gavel Bangers this week after their clean up hitter was moved to the disabled list for a week and ended with a final score of 16-6.

The Dirty Briefs snagged first place after defeating the Swingers by a score of 13-10. The 3L Dirty Briefs have some big hitters in their lineup including a brotherly duo – half of which is a non-Torero who can hit from one home plate to the other. Add that to the tight defense they run and they will be one tough team to beat in the coming weeks. In defense of the Swingers, the rainy game against the Dirty Briefs was their second of the night. The double-header began for the Swingers by defeating last season’s champs, the North Koreans, by a single run in the final inning. The nail-biter clocked in with a final score of 12-11 and plenty of the classic North Korean banter.

Lengthy Dictums showed up Barry’s Bail Bonds in a painful 12-1 finish, while Intentional Battery celebrated its first win of the season, beating Show me Your Torts with a very solid 12-2.  Pitch Please’s offense was on fire as it scored the most runs of the night, defeating I’d Hit That 19-11. Rumor has it I’d Hit That may have allowed Pitch Please under their skin a bit as the outfielders were playing so far back they were actually able to carry on a conversation with the outfielders on the other field.

This is the busiest time of the semester, as evidenced by the multiple byes asked for this week, but there is no better way to release your stress than to come out, play, and cheer on your friends every Thursday night. After all, spring break is approaching and where will you get your fix then?

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