Safety Alert Lifted

An Update on the Recent Safety Alert at USD School of Law

By Keia James Atkinson

During the first few weeks of school you may have seen a number of flyers within the vicinity of the law campus indicating a safety alert put into effect by the USD Department of Public Safety.  It provided students with several images of a former student, one Scott Rauscher, and advised those currently attending to keep a watchful eye around the campus, in particular the law school, in order to avoid any potential issues.   As a result of this safety alert some students have been left wondering what exactly occurred, and whether or not they should worry.  Due to the sensitivity surrounding the situation, little has been shared with the student body and the absence of information has left far more questions than answers.

What can be verified is this: The current class of 3Ls knows Mr. Rauscher well, as he began as a Section F student beginning in the fall of 2012. Over the course of the summer and early in the fall semester, Mr. Rauscher is alleged to have posted increasingly bizarre messages on a number of social media platforms.  As time wore on, these posts became progressively more threatening in nature, particularly toward some of the current female students, and formed the basis for a complaint made to the university’s Department of Public Safety.

While Mr. Rauscher is no longer a student at USD School of Law, and is currently not allowed on USD’s campus, there was enough cause to issue the safety alert and monitor the situation.  As a result, a team consisting of individuals from the Law School Administration, USD Administration, the University Counseling Center, and the Department of Public Safety have kept a watchful eye for any additional developments.  If students see Mr. Rauscher on campus or witness any suspicious activity they are urged to immediately call USD Department of Public Safety at 619-260-2222.

Within the last two weeks, the ongoing safety alert has been lifted; however, the Department of Public Safety is continuing to take steps to ensure the safety of the law school community.  Should the situation change, or become hazardous, students will be notified via the university’s emergency notification system (which includes phone calls, texts, and emails sent in response to any on-campus emergencies).  Mr. Rauscher joins a number of other individuals who have been disallowed from accessing USD’s campus throughout the years, and there exists an established protocol for dealing with potential problems should they arise. Students can be assured that, although they should remain vigilant, any issues that may surface will be effectively dealt with by the Department of Public Safety.

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