DSAC Update from SBA President

By Keith Van Wagner, SBA President

This month, the Dean Student Advisory Committee (DSAC) had the pleasure of meeting with Dean Molly Tami, the new Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development, and Professor Kiyana Kiel, the Director for Academic Success & Bar Programs. Questions were specifically formulated for both them, as well as Dean Meredith D’Angelo, Assistant Dean for Law Student Affairs.

Dean Tami wants to create an expectation in Career and Professional Development that each student will be seen at least once a semester, to ensure there are no missed opportunities. Career and Professional Development cannot create jobs, but they can put students into better positions to acquire jobs.

It was brought up that Scott Morris will be departing the office in the near future, and to belay concerns about his expertise vanishing as well, Dean Tami informed the committee that not only will Mr. Morris’s part time position become a full time position, but he will be replaced by an “employer outreach specialist” who will hopefully pick up his niche without too much downtime. The new individual should be hired and in place by mid-November.

Currently, students are not able to receive credit at private law firms. To clarify why, this is because there must be an “educational experience” tied to the work. While other schools do offer credit for similar positions, there are more paid opportunities at USD so the credit is not as necessary.

Professor Kiel wants students to have a better understanding of the “One and Done” campaign, whose goal is to assist students in passing the bar the first time they take the exam. Not only is passing the first time a better option financially, but chances of success the second time around are lower, and employers are less likely to retain individuals who have failed the first time. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare, as a first, second, or third year student, is important, and more information can be found at the Academic Success Resource Center (Warren Hall room 206).

Lastly, we addressed a mixture of student affairs-related topics with Dean D’Angelo.  First, there are new requirements coming down from both the Federal government and USD.  One is a mandatory sexual assault training which has been decreed by the federal government, and to encourage substantial compliance there is a $250.00 fine for any students who fail to complete the training.  Second, in order to maintain current health standards, USD is requiring all 1Ls and future law students to provide immunization records in case a quarantine is necessary. Failure to provide records will result in a registration hold.

Next, Dean D’Angelo shared a surprising parking update.  While students are prohibited from parking in spots labeled “EV Only,” (Electric Vehicle Only), students can park in spots labeled with just “EV.”  Every spot counts.

Also, if anyone has specific maintenance requests (such as rooms needing additional cleaning, or air fresheners) then please feel free to put that information into the suggestion drop box on the first floor near the moot court office.

As always, the SBA wants to present any ideas, concerns or questions any students may have at these DSAC meetings. If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns, please email me at: usdlawpres@gmail.com.

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