Student Organization of the Issue: TLT

Name of Organization: Transactional Law Team

Mission: The Transactional Law Team prepares students to compete in the National Transactional LawMeet. We provide a forum for students to hone their corporate and transactional law skills, to explore the M&A process, and to further develop their negotiation tactics. Through preparation for and participation in transactional law competitions, members of TLT will obtain an inside look into a practical corporate transaction deal and will have the ability to utilize those skills in future practice as corporate attorneys.

What is Transactional Law: Like many areas of law, Transactional Law is diverse and varied.  It features a number of areas outside litigation, including mergers and acquisitions, securities, finance, real estate, tax, estate planning and intellectual property, just to name a few. To put it simply, transactional attorneys are concerned with business transactions and typically work with clients in the business world, overseeing business transactions.  Transactional attorneys do not handle lawsuits, but instead aim to help their clients avoid litigation through preparation of complete contracts and by providing advice on how to follow the law while meeting their client’s needs.

Why did you create this organization: When I first started law school, I knew I did not want to become a trial attorney. Instead of learning how to assist clients that are being sued or that want to sue somebody else, I wanted to learn how to add value to my future clients by facilitating “the deal” in a business setting. Although there are many programs geared towards litigation and gaining experience in the courtroom, there seemed to be a lack of resources for students who had transactional oriented interests to gain practical experience. With that in mind, Andrew Walters, Lindsay Craft and I decided to establish the Transactional Law Team to provide that resource for future students with the same type interests. With Dean Ferruolo’s support, we officially established the Transactional Law Team this semester, Fall 2015, and are looking forward its growth in the future.


Key Officers:

Ross Bautista: President

Andrew Walters: Vice President

Lindsay Craft: Treasurer

Kaitlyn Moore: SBA Representative


Ross Bautistaà

Transactional Law Team general emailà

Goals for 2015/16: The Transactional Law Team’s goals are rather simple.  We hope to provide an outlet for our colleagues to learn more about the practical aspects of being a transaction attorney.  We will host events, like our first “Lunch and Learn” on November 4th at noon, that will include the top transaction attorneys in San Diego who will provide their real life experiences and educate us on key topics.  The competition team will also travel to Colorado in February to compete in regionals with high hopes of being selected for the National Transaction Competition in New York.

Why Should Students Join: If you have any interest in the areas of business, corporate, or other transactional-oriented work, this is a perfect organization to follow.  We will have various events throughout the year to provide exposure to transactional law.  For practical experience like negotiating and drafting contracts, be on the lookout for further information on how to try out for the 2016-17 competition team.

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