Letter From the Editor

Greetings, fellow law students! To those of you beginning this new journey, welcome, and to those of you returning, welcome back. To those that have gone missing without a shred of evidence, we’re putting together the search party–we just have to get through all this crim pro reading first. I, like you, am excited for the magic and mystery of this academic year, wrought with balancing a work/academic/insomnia lifestyle, continuing to lose lifelong friends, and having friends that remain stare at me blankly when I get heated about exceptions to the exclusionary rule. But it’s fine; who needs them? The only friends I need are those that find pop song parodies about the Erie Doctrine hi-lar-i-ous. If you are reading this, I commend you for picking up the first issue of Motions for the 201617 academic year. Yes, I know we’re a month and a half into the semester–I don’t need to be reminded. Sure, we were slow to start, but we have planned six print editions jam-packed with excitement. We’re going to pack the excitement in, folks. Yea, we’re going to pack it in the way one feeds a child Fun Dip until he starts having fun. We will excite you. At the very least, we’ll keep you informed on the seemingly pertinent matters while letting anyone who wants to take a stab at writing something other than IRAC talk about pretty  much whatever they want. I am the new Editor-in-Chief of Motions. I have stepped into the comfy kicks of the departed Brody Burns. Upon cutting his hair, Brody was informed that he was no longer permitted to run Motions–long hair is a requirement here. And he graduated. I have assembled a team of super-editors featuring Kate Kearney and Michelle Dinh-Tran. We are burning midnight oil to bring you the most awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, statistics and graphs we can throw together on our collective lunch hours. Please forgive any typos.   We are currently looking for writers. With the recent death of the dear Betty White, we have a vacancy in the punch-up department, and, let’s face it, lawyers aren’t really made for comedy.   This is also an open call for content to the entire USD Law community. If you’ve never experienced the accolades of seeing your name in newsprint, you’re missing out. What are you waiting for?  It is our goal to be the voice of the entire USD Law student body. We welcome creative expression of all variety. Send me your ideas; send Kate your complaints.

Cheers,  Joe Stewart

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