Love, Life, and Law Advice Column

Q1 Love: Is it possible to maintain a relationship or a dating life during school?

Jane Doe: Lao Tzu once said “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” So if you currently have someone in your life don’t let it go. But be open and honest and communicate. If they truly love you they will know what is best for you and understand the stress and workload you have. They will also respect your decisions and how you prioritize your time. If you currently do not have someone special in your life I really do not suggest you go looking, but do keep an open-mind when the opportunity presents itself.

John Doe: No. Just divorce your spouse, dump your significant other, and delete all the dating apps. You won’t even have time for friends let alone a romantic partner.

Q2 Life: How do I know this is what I want to do with the next three years of my life?

Jane Doe: Andrea Bocelli once said “A career is like a house: it’s made of bricks, and each brick has the same value, because without any one of them, the house would collapse.” If it does turn out that being a practicing lawyer is not the right path for you there is hundreds of thousands of other professions where a degree in law is beneficial. If you don’t end up building a house with this brick you can make a bridge or a number of other things. It can only help, not hurt.

John Doe: If you don’t know, how would I know? Although I will say this masochistic decision is definitely not what anyone who is remotely sane should be doing with their precious time. Run, run now! Just put this paper down and go enjoy the rest of your life. You can thank me later. I just saved you from a form of unusual punishment. There is no need to put yourself through this stress, exhaustion, and misery. Save yourself while you still can, before it’s too late. Carpe diem! Yolo!

Q3 Law: What’s the best way to study my 1L materials?

Jane Doe: Bruce Lee once said “To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person.” Study groups is very helpful in surviving law school. It is great to review class materials with a small group of friends. It is also good to teach the materials to others. Always do practice questions and read supplements. Ask for help. Think of plausible hypotheticals. Review old exams. Outline early.

John Doe: Don’t.

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