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A. Motions Online welcomes viewer comments at the end of selected articles that abide by this Comment Policy. These comments can be posted by individuals within and outside of the University of San Diego School of Law community. All comments must abide by the Comment Policy.

B. Motions Online reserves the right to delete comments at its sole discretion for any reason. Viewers of Motions Online do not possess a legal right to post comments anywhere on the Motions Online website.

Although the following list is non-exhaustive, here are some specific characteristics that may prevent a comment from being posted:
(1) The comment is legally obscene.
(2) The comment is libelous.
(3) The comment has the potential to create material interference and substantial disruption of educational activities.
(4) The comment personally isolates an individual or individuals for ridicule.
(5) The comment is vulgar.
(6) The comment may substantially damage institutional security or credibility.
(7) The comment is derogatory toward individuals based on protected classes.
(8) The comment includes profanity.
(9) The comment is violent or threatening.
(10) The comment is incoherent or contains writing convention errors that impede upon USD Law’s pedagogical goals of student writing proficiency.

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D. All comments must be approved by the Web Editor. The Motions Online Web Editor must approve each comment before it is published. If a comment reflects at least one of the characteristics listed in section B of this policy, the Web Editor may either edit the unacceptable portion and post the remaining text or disapprove of the comment entirely.

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