1.  What types of submissions do we accept?

We accept all types of submissions for publication in our print and online versions of Motions.  Submissions can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:
News Reports (e.g., USD/USD Law happenings, international/national/local news, politics)
Interviews (e.g., with administration, faculty/staff, students, campus guests, alumni)
Law-Related Articles (e.g., reports/commentaries on recently decided cases)
Opinion Articles (e.g., commentaries on recent events, political opinion, humor columns)
Arts & Entertainment Articles (e.g., reviews, San Diego arts scene)
Sports (e.g., law-school softball, intramurals, SD sports)
Fun & Games (e.g., sudoku, crossword, trivia, cartoons, jokes)
2.  What particular topics would we like covered?
At the beginning of each month, we will send out via email a “Call for Submissions.”  Within this, we will request a certain number of articles that we, the Editorial Board, decide are relevant.  Students have a first come/first served opportunity to take on these projects.    
Additionally, we are always open to other ideas for submissions for each issue.  If a student has a particular idea in mind, he or she must email the Editor in Chief to gain approval.  Once approved, the student can write and submit the piece.     
Please write motions@sandiego.edu to get on the email list.
3.  Do we have a length target?
The articles can range anywhere from 400 to 1200 words, depending on the type of article.  A front page news article is generally between 800-1200 words, and an opinion-style piece is generally 400-600 words.  Of course, submissions may be shorter than 400 words as well–especially submissions for our Fun & Games sections.  
Because we have limited space in each print issue, an article may not be published immediately.  However, publishing the piece on our website would still be an option.  Our goal, though, is to publish all pieces that students submit within our monthly print versions.

4.  Do contributors get paid for submitting articles?
We attempt to financially reward the Motions staff for its contributions to the newspaper’s growth and success.  However, we are confined to our budget.  Therefore, payment is never a contributor’s right; contributors submit articles with the understanding that they may not receive any compensation at all.  You can request our current Payment Policy by emailing motions@sandiego.edu.