Motions is always accepting of submissions, either by student or non-student writers!  All submissions must come from a non-anonymous source and must pass approval by the Motions staff and the USD administration.  Anonymous works will not be considered.  For-hire works, works of a morally dubious nature, works of a commercial or advertising nature, and works of questionable intent will not be considered.  The Motions staff retains the right to cancel, delete, alter, affix pictures to, or otherwise edit works.  All works published via Motions, either online or in print, become the sole ownership of USD School of Law vesting all copyright with USD School of Law.  As a courtesy, Authors will be consulted before any submission is considered, altered, or rejected, but Motions retains the right to do so without consultation with Authors.  Motions compensates all authors via payment on a subjective scale determined by the Editor-in-Chief at the end of any school semester.

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The Doodles sections is reserved for submission by students only.  We only accept doodles students draw in their actual notebooks during class, so please, no examples of fine art conducted outside of normal boredom.  All Doodles must be approved by the USD administration before display, so please, keep Doodle submissions tasteful and tactful.  Submissions featuring foul language, sexual imagery, or mocking imagery of USD students or administration will not be considered.

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