Kids summer camp selection criteria with safety in mind

According to a recent study most parents do not have safety in mind when it comes to selecting kids’ summer camps. Below is the checklist when it comes to Kids summer camp selection criteria with safety in mind:

  • If campers will be in a remote area, such as a lake or a forest, ask about the camp’s inclement weather policy and if there’s a safe shelter available near the camp location.
  • If camps involve sports or other physical activities, ensure staff have basic first aid training and have supplies readily available. If camps include swimming, ask whether a certified lifeguard will be present.
  • If a child has health needs, meet the staff who will supervise the child to answer any questions and make sure they have the parent’s emergency contact information readily available. Don’t assume that information has already been communicated.
  • If the child has a food or other allergy, parents should ensure that emergency treatment (e.g., Epi-pen) will be available and that staff have been trained in its use.
  • If parents are considering overnight camp, they should assess the child’s readiness to be away from home. If the child seems anxious, parents might arrange for them to talk with a previous camper or family friend who can share their experiences.
  • Be familiar with the camp’s policies on masking and COVID vaccination and whether there are quarantine guidelines in the case of an outbreak or exposure.

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