9 Bodyweight workout: Performance quickie from the personal trainer

Sometimes it just has to be done quickly – there is no time for an enduring workout. If you want to train quickly and effectively, you can do it with the right exercises.

Phillip Heider sells more than just classic personal training. He and the makers of Munich’s R1 Sportsclub have poured individualized physical training into a comprehensive lifestyle concept.

Workout for a healthier Lifestyle

The aim is not short-term success, but a gradual change in lifestyle. Her “Athlete of Life” concept is based on four pillars: movement (move), nutrition (eat), recovery (recharge) and reflection (reflect).

“Exercise, good nutrition and a self-determined life are basic needs that every human being has,” says Heider. “Our goal is to structure personal training in such a way that we do justice to this holistic life plan.”

The ex-football professional is an expert in athletic training, he structures his lessons according to a fixed scheme that divided into warm-up with mobilization and activation, strengthening and endurance.

The fast performance workout

One of his favorite workouts when time is of the essence is the “Perfomance Quickie” shown here.

Workout “Performance with Personal Trainer”

Head of coordination

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