Fitness: Butt & Belly Workout by Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is firmly established in the fitness Instagram scene and keeps inspiring countless followers with great workouts that you can easily do.

They are not always easy, but they are guaranteed effective!

Fitness inspiration with Pamela Reif

Workout Pamela Reif + Lorena Nitsche

Christoph Köstlin/Fit For Fun

Lorena: “I like to see what Pamela posts, her suggestions, fitness tips or workouts inspire me. You can say that I’m a fan of hers.” When it comes to sports, she doesn’t have to hide from her role model: Lorena from Mannheim trains four to five times a week in the studio.

Suggestions for your training She gets them from social media channels, such as the FIT FOR FUN Facebook page or Pamela on Instagram. And for a healthy diet, she follows several food blogs.

“I don’t think much of diets; I try to give the body what it needs every day,” says Pamela. In addition to eating, there is also a portion of sport, such as the workout exercises for a great butt and defined stomach as in our workout.

Butt-and-Belly-Workout by Pamela Reif

Three exercises for buttocks and abdomen + warm-up exercises.

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