Fitness myths: 7 sports wisdom put to the test

It’s normal to get a few tips and rules when you’re in the middle of a workout or talking about nutrition with your training buddy. This is even important in order to be positively encouraged during training.

But are the tips really always correct? Some pieces of wisdom belong in the myth area, which you should better not save.

7 fitness myths to check

1. Six packs only come with crunches

Your goal is a flat stomach and for exactly this you do endless crunches? Unfortunately, the fat cells don’t play along.

Regular abdominal exercises can, like any sport, help to narrow the middle of the body. At which point the fat cells melt cannot be controlled even with the most targeted training.

2. Strength training transforms your fat cells into muscle cells

It would be nice. From a physiological point of view, however, it is impossible to make muscle cells from fat cells. Our fat cells are better or worse nourished depending on our diet. Strength training helps to build muscles.

The existing muscle cells get (concentrated) food and swell, the muscle becomes visible and the basal metabolic rate increases. However, the fat cell doesn’t magically turn into a muscle cell – they’re two different things.

3. Only exercise instead of sport doesn’t help

You rode your bike to work, walked the neighbor’s dog, but you didn’t make it to sport anymore? If your training partner scolds you now, stay calm.

Because at the end of the day it is the calorie balance that counts. And calories are not only burned during a sweaty workout. Every step makes you slim!

4. You can eat whatever you want after your workout!

If you’re exercising with the goal of losing a few pounds, don’t listen to this advice. Because, as already described in point 3, the calorie account counts.

You accumulated a whopping plus with a fat burger, fries and a chocolate milkshake after exercise? Then your body invests this excess in fat deposits. Therefore, make sure to keep your reward in moderation.

5. More training equals more success

The logic behind it is something like: An effective exercise is twice as effective if you simply do it twice. However, this idea of ​​quantity neglects something fundamental for training success: the quality!

To put it more simply: 30 You will feel push-ups with a sagging back afterwards in your lower back. However, your muscles will benefit much more if you only do push-ups, but keep the right body tension! That is why quantity does not always equal quality in sport.

6. Take me as an example

Your training partner is significantly fitter than you? Then you shouldn’t just emulate him blindly. Every body has its own strengths and weaknesses. Without preparatory training, you will quickly get injured.

So focus on your own goals. As a good buddy, he will support you and not want to impose himself as a role model.

7. Fitness apps make you sporty

Admittedly, sports apps make our lives easier. Set reminders motivate us to get off the couch. Running trackers remember for us which route we ran at what pace.

But apps and expensive smartwatches often complicate what is actually so simple: you, your body and the mat. That’s all it takes for a successful workout. Another advantage: If you don’t look at your cell phone while exercising, you concentrate more on yourself.

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