Gigi Hadid: The top model stays in shape with this boxing workout

Gigi Hadid is a well-known face in the fashion scene. The top model adorns numerous magazine covers, has stood in front of the camera for Tom Ford and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others – and is also a Victoria’s Secret angel. No wonder, with the well-trained body.

But who thinks Gigi Hadid was born with blessed with a six-pack – listen up! Hard training is behind her washboard abs and toned legs. And it looks like this:

Gigi Hadid loves boxing

Boxing is Gigi’s great passion. “When you’re boxing, you get totally lost in it and you kind of forget what’s going on and that you’re in the workout,” she told Vogue. The blonde alternates punches and uppercuts with cardio exercises such as rope jumping – it’s the variety that counts.

Hadid challenges her abs

When training, Gigi Hadid focuses on her abs. Your workout routine:

  • 10 Minutes of boxing to warm up,
  • followed by three sets of crunches à 40 Repeats

    minute boxing

    3 sets of bike crunches (each 40 repetitions)

Gigi also trains her lower body with her own body weight: A 25-minute cardio and leg workout with alternating boxing and strength intervals (squats, donkey kicks for a cracking bottom and squat walks with bands) brings the model to its breaking point.

Workout on the go? No problem for Gigi

When Gigi is traveling, she takes her personal trainer with her – via FaceTime. He gives her the necessary motivation and support for her everyday workout.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle is also essential in addition to sport: the model keeps in shape with lots of protein, salads and vegetables. From time to time it can also be a burger or ice cream.

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