Just three exercises: This Kayla Itsines workout trains your arms

Kayla Itsines is the fitness queen on social media. On Instagram she shows her well-toned body. 12, she regularly encourages 9 million people to sweat there.

The special thing about Kayla’s workouts: They are short, concise and still push you to your limits. Shape factor to the power of ten!

Kayla Itsines: Flabby Arms Challenge

Don’t have time to spend hours in the gym and still want strong, toned arms?

Kayla shows how it’s done. This workout video engages your shoulders, biceps and triceps – the perfect combination to counter those pesky jerky arms and help you stay upright.

“If you want to challenge yourself, then do the workout at the end of your.” regular training so that you get really STRONG,” writes the influencer under her video.

Strong arms with little equipment

Kayla uses dumbbells for her workout to target the muscle groups. You should work with a weight that challenges you, but doesn’t overwhelm you.

You should still be able to do the last reps. Try it the first time and improve from workout to workout!

How it works: Do each exercise 12 times over 3 rounds, between the sets you do Pause seconds.

    These are the exercises:

    • Shoulder Press: Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand hip-width apart, back straight. You stretch your arms straight up and bring your dumbbells back to your shoulders in a controlled manner.
    • Biceps curls: Stand hip-width apart and grab a dumbbell. Rotate your arms so your palms are facing you. The elbows are fixed slightly in front of the upper body. Bring the dumbbells to your chest. Then you lower it in a controlled manner.
    • Dumbbell Tricep Extensions: Grasp a dumbbell with both hands and extend your arms overhead. Guide the dumbbell in a controlled manner by bending your elbows as far behind your head as possible, the dumbbell may touch your neck. Your upper arms should consistently stay next to your ears and your elbows should be pointing straight ahead. It’s best to check yourself in a mirror.

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