Outdoor workout: All you need for this workout is a park bench

Do you prefer to do sports outside? You can not only jog in the fresh air. You can also train your strength – all you need is the nearest park bench.

To see only a storage area for the gluteus maximus in the angular wooden constructions in the park is unimaginative, because public seating can be used perfectly for a small workout.

Fitness trainer explains: This is how the park bench workout works

Our fitness trainer Irène Scholz uses every public seat to do a few exercises to strengthen the entire upper body and especially the core muscles.

“The city is like an open-air gym. With a few ideas, you can do a perfect workout anywhere.”

Here she shows her personal park bench workout.

Reading tip

The park bench workout

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds, move to next exercise, three sets – each with 30 seconds rest.

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