Gym hacks: These tips will make your workout in the studio easier

Exercising together in the gym has clear advantages: a large selection of equipment, trainers, courses and the pressure to get active from other athletes. There are also challenges, especially when it comes to the devices. We offer you some solutions to common problems.

Gym Hacks: How to train in the gym more easily

1. Weight intervals are too big?

No matter whether butterfly or leg press, most devices work with weights. The longer you train consistently, the heavier weights you can use. Your own physical strength does not necessarily correspond to the distances between the weights: 30 Kilos may not be enough, 40 Too much again.

To avoid this dilemma, you can simply place a dumbbell with the appropriate weight on top of the device. It shouldn’t be able to fall down. You can adjust the weight according to your needs.

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2. Adding and removing weights from the barbell

Another challenge barbells can present: after doing several sets of weights, removing the weights can be tiring, especially , without the barbell tipping over.

By leaving two weight plates with a total of 30 kilograms on one side, you can on the other side remove all the weight plates without them falling over. To remove individual plates, you can roll the innermost weight onto a small weight plate and simply remove the first ones.

Also make sure not to press the weight plates onto the bar, but lift them slightly and towards the bar They are also easier to pull in if you don’t press on the edge but on the inside of the weight plate.

Tip: The multi-press can not only be used for the dumbbells, but also for split squats: simply attach the bar low and place the back of your foot on it.

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3. Missing handles

Sometimes the equipment is there, serviced and available, but the right handle for the right exercise is missing. This can be a neutral grip on the pulldown device. The simple solution: use thera-band grips on a straight bar and perform the exercise as planned.

The same goes for tricep exercises with the cable: if the bands are too short, simply attach two together.

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