Padel, piloxing & trail running: five fitness trends for your summer workout

Many hours of sunshine, good weather: We love outdoor sports in summer. If you don’t just want to go jogging or swimming, you should read on now – because this summer there are great fitness trends that are fun and bring exercise.

Not only that, outdoor sports are also really healthy for you body – and makes it even more fun with the following trends. This summer we combine two sports into one. This is how, for example, SUP yoga or padel tennis is created.

1. Keeping your balance with SUP Yoga

You can see them on the bathing lakes or on the sea for several years: stand-up paddling (SUP) has long been one of the most popular summer activities. SUP strengthens the muscles throughout the body, as a study shows.

The combination of SUP and yoga goes even further and makes the training much more intense. The name already gives it away: You stand or sit on the SUP board and do yoga exercises there. Keeping the balance is tricky. If it doesn’t work out, it’s not that bad either – because then the cool water is waiting for you with a refreshment. Perfect for hot days!

2. Intensive training with piloxing

If you want something a bit more dynamic, you should try piloxing. Combining Pilates and boxing. you strengthen not only the arm muscles but also the torso and pelvic area.

And piloxing has it all. It’s like a HIIT workout and will really get you sweating. In the meantime, the trend from the USA has also arrived in Germany.

Some fitness studios already offer courses. And some parks also offer free piloxing courses, especially in summer. Do you want to try Piloxing just for yourself? Then there are some videos on YouTube with instructions to copy.