Pamela Reif: Only twelve minutes: Effective six-pack workout without weights

Fitness influencer Pamela Reif regularly provides her fans with new sweaty workouts – the compiled exercises for the middle of the body are particularly popular.

No wonder: After all, the gym queen is known not only for her firm bottom but also for her well-trained stomach.

Pam has released two intense six-pack workouts in the past: one for beginners and one hard for advanced users.

Six pack workout for every ability level

But what about the ability level in between? There’s a suitable workout for that, too.

“If you’re no longer a beginner, but the other video is still a bit too hard for you, this workout is just right for you,” writes Pamela Reif motivating under her video.

The whole workout can be done quickly in just minutes and is perfect as a beautiful home unit without additional equipment.

Within the crisp workout, each exercise is performed for 30 seconds – no breaks are provided.

“If you still need a break, take it!” Pam writes. “Don’t worry about it too much. You’ll get better with time.”

12 minute abs workout by Pamela Reif

1. Wake up the abs

The first two exercises of the workout gently wake up the muscle strands in your abdomen and warm them up for the next few minutes.

      Crunch with Knee Lift

      Hold with Arm Pulses

    The focus here is primarily on the front, straight abdominal muscles, which are almost constantly under high tension. Therefore, keep your feet permanently in the air during the crunches and do not put them down.

2. Russian Twist Variations

Let’s continue with an exercise that will trigger your lateral abdominal muscles as well as your straight ones:

    Russian Twist

  • Russian Twist with Knee Lift

Do not only move your arms back and forth, but also make sure to rotate your upper body slightly in the corresponding direction.

3. Standing exercises

Up your butt, because the following two exercises are performed while standing:

    Standing Bicycle Crunch

  • Knee Kick – left
  • Knee Kick – right

The nice thing about the exercises: You don’t just train with them specifically your abs, your whole body has to work well and drives your pulse up nicely. Fat burning olé!

4. Exercises lying on your back

Now that you’ve gotten your heart rate up, here are five exercises that are guaranteed to make your abs burn:

Especially with the first three exercises, make sure that you do them in a controlled manner and without much momentum. This makes the muscle strands in your stomach work even harder.

Important: Don’t forget to breathe evenly – especially with the ab holds.

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5. In the High Plank

Exercises performed in the plank not only beautifully target the abs, but gently challenge other parts of the body as well. This makes the next three exercises so effective:

Spider Plank slow

High Plank

When performing these exercises, be careful not to keep your buttocks too low or too high. Also, your head should be in line with your back – it’s healthier for your spine.

6. Standing Exercises

Towards the end of the workout, Pam does another small “endurance unit”. The three standing exercises follow again. So let’s go!

7. Sitting and lying

The final sprint is followed by an intensive combination of sitting and lying on your back exercises, which will once again trigger every muscle strand in your stomach.

Even if you’ve already done a few exercises and your muscles are probably trembling from the tension – stay focused and perform these movements cleanly and precisely.

8th. The finale in the high plank

In order to complete this crisp training session perfectly, there are now two more exercises that you have to do in the high plank.

  • High Plank
  • Even if you’ve already had an exhausting eleven minutes: try to keep the tension in your whole body and breathe deeply and evenly for this last minute.

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