Study: This sport is particularly good for vegans

In Germany, 1.45 million people currently describe themselves as vegans and the number is constantly increasing. Diet is controversial, with previous studies finding that vegans have lower bone density and may therefore be more prone to fractures.

But vegan bone density can be influenced, according to a new study.

Austrian researchers observed the bone microarchitecture of 88 subjects in a five-year study. The relationship between diet, physical activity and bone microarchitecture was examined.

Of the subjects 43 normal weight female and male subjects on a vegan diet and 45 normal weight omnivores (people who eat everything).

The result of the study

Using dietary protocols, exercise questionnaires and computed tomography, the researchers found a change in bone microarchitecture. Vegans had weaker bone structure than non-vegans.

Exercise strengthened bone structure, however, that of athletic vegans was still weaker than that of sedentary non-vegans.

The difference in bone structure, however, could not be explained by nutrient intake alone: ​​strength training rebalanced the bone structure of vegans and non-vegans.

Lifting weights therefore has a positive effect the bone microarchitecture.

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