Dance workout: 10 ways to dance that will melt away the calories

Dancing is the perfect workout, because: The muscles consume a lot of energy and you burn a lot of calories!

The center of your body and your posture in particular are happy about the dance workout. The only requirement: enjoy dancing.

Dance workout: With these Types of dance you burn the most calories

Here we present ten different types of dance with which you not only burn a lot of calories, but also each have a lot of fun.

1. Dance Aerobic

Dance Aerobic is known to most people from video cassettes from the eighties. But dance aerobics is still very popular today.

The reason: you can work out fantastically and burn a lot of body fat. There are now also suitable apps, such as Aerobic Dance for Weight Loss.

In this video LeaLight does a dance workout with you.

2. 4Streatz

4Streatz is a type of dance that moves composed of salsa, street dance and hip hop. This is exactly what is in the name of dance sport: ‘S’ for fun, ‘Tr’ for training and ‘eatz’ for beatz.

Fun, good music, the joy of dancing and burning fat are all important Foreground. With 4Streatz you can burn up to 500 calories per hour. Some clubs and studios offer the dance workout.

3. Labooca

Labooca is made up of the words ‘ Latin’ and ‘Bootcamp’ together. The name keeps what it promises: Because at Labooca your whole body will be pushed to its limits by an instructor.

This is done with a mix of boot camp, Tae Bo and Latin dance, plus there is Latin American Beats that provide extra motivation.

4. Zumba

One of the most famous dance workouts actually: Zumba. This is not only because you burn a lot of calories doing Zumba, but also because Zumba is effective against back pain and trains the cardiovascular system.

There are also other advantages of dancing, such as better ones Flexibility through the stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments, as well as lots of fun and a quick sense of achievement. In a Zumba class you can 60 to 600 Burn calories – so let’s go!

Here you can find out more about the popular dance sport Zumba.

5. Aqua Zumba

Attention all Zumba enthusiasts: Zumba isn’t just for land, it’s now in the water too! Here, too, it’s worth taking part, as many calories are burned and you often don’t even notice how much you’re sweating in the water.

Aqua Zumba is for those who find Zumba too fast the optimal workout, because: The tempo of the Zumba choreography slows down due to the water resistance. Here, too, fun is a top priority – during the dance workout you can sing along and splash around.

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6. Belly dance

The oriental dance is still very popular. In fact, there is more to belly dancing than the name suggests: the entire upper body and legs are trained.

In addition, belly dancing is easy on your joints thanks to its flowing movements. Belly dancing is the perfect dance workout because in just 30 minutes you can already burn 60 kcal!

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7. Pound

Pound gets a little rockier: You get two 500g heavy drumsticks and play one Air drums for an hour.

In addition to the high fun factor, the dance workout Pound offers a combination of Pilates and strengthening elements. Together, the cardio and core training result in a demanding whole-body concert.

8. Dance-Walking

The dance trend Dance -Walking was born 2012 when American Joe was walking the streets of New York danced instead of walking. The presenter Ben Aaron happened to see this and filmed the dancer doing his show.

“I started it because I wanted more fun in my life,” says Joe, who is walking the streets in blue barefoot shoes New York’s dances, in an interview with Ben Aaron.

Dance walking is a way to add variety and happiness to your daily routine by simply dancing your walks instead of running. It takes a bit of self-confidence and courage at first, but after that you will have all the more self-confidence.

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9. Barre Cardio Fusion

Barree Cardio Fusion is a Mixture of classical barre ballet and cardio sequences and comes from the USA. There are small dumbbells, balls, and bands to support the dance workout.

As you do the dance workout more often, you may soon notice muscle definition and increased mobility. Your metabolism is also really boosted and burns a lot of calories.

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. Bachata

One of the most popular couple dance sports is bachata. Thanks to its easy basic step, you will learn it super quickly. The sensual dance style is not only for flexible hips, but also for inexperienced beginners. There are now different bachata dance styles.

Basically, bachata makes you sweat a lot and burns a lot of calories because your heart rate increases. If you actively dance for an hour, you can burn up to 500 kcal .

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