Plank Workout Challenge: max out abs in 6 minutes

There are many abdominal exercises you can do at home – but one exercise is a particular challenge: the plank. If you want to set new stimuli in your abdominal muscles, this plank workout is the perfect choice.

In her new workout video, our coach LeaLight shows you different variations of the plank, with which you can hit every muscle fiber in your core perfectly – sore muscles are inevitable!

Best of all: You only need six minutes for this intensive abdominal workout.

Plank workout challenge: with 6 exercises to get a firm stomach

The entire workout consists of six exercises in which you should get to know and imitate different variations of the plank.

Whether in the living room or in the hallway – you only need a little space to really get your abs burning.

Since some exercises require you to lean on your forearms, you should integrate a surface, such as an exercise mat, into your workout – and then you’re good to go.

How it works: The entire workout lasts six minutes and includes six different exercises. Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds and ends with a pause of 15 seconds.

1. the classic plank

Old but gold – the workout begins with the classic plank. To do this, place your palms shoulder-width apart and stretch your legs out backwards. Your hips will be at shoulder height throughout the exercise.

Try to pull in your belly button throughout the exercise so tension builds in your abdominal muscles. Now it’s time to hold.

Make sure to keep your body tension up during the execution time so that your back stays straight.

2. Hip Dips

For the second exercise, switch positions by lowering your elbows and leaning on your forearms. Again, your forearms are shoulder width apart and your legs are stretched back.

Now you begin to lower your hips in one direction. When you’ve used your full range of motion, begin the upward movement and slide your hips in the other direction. In this way, the respective lateral abdominal muscles alternate again and again.

Make sure you use a controlled up and down motion so you work without momentum.

3. Shoulder Taps

With the third exercise, you switch back to your palms and place them shoulder-width beneath you. After you have built up your body tension, you start tapping the opposite shoulder with one hand, so that the load is only on the raised hand.

Now both arms alternate for 45 seconds down. During the entire execution, make sure that your hips are stable by consciously concentrating on your body tension.

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4. Plank Jumps

For the fourth exercise, switch back to the elbow position and shift your weight onto your forearms. With your legs stretched out, you build up tension in your body again.

Now the actual jumps begin. To do this, you open and close your legs in a dynamic movement while your upper body remains stable.

5. Side Plank with Hip Dips (right)

For the fifth and last exercise, you continue to lean on your elbows. However, you are now leaning on your right forearm so that you assume a side position.

Put your feet on top of each other so that your body forms a straight line. The free hand points towards the ceiling throughout the execution.

Now you lower your hips slowly and in a controlled manner and finally raise them until your body forms a straight line again. The movement does not have to be large, because the focus should be on the tension of the abdominal muscles.

6. Side plank with hip dips (left)

After 45 seconds, the side change begins. To do this, turn to the other side of your exercise mat and lean on your left forearm. The movement sequence remains the same.

The plank challenge is that effective

With these six exercises, you can optimally cover all areas of your abdominal muscles and create new stimuli. All this without fitness equipment, dumbbells or other equipment.

Six minutes of maximum tension for your abdominal muscles, but you still haven’t had enough? No problem. You can perform these six exercises as often as you like – and thus design your training individually.

You still don’t have enough? Then do the exercises one after the other – without a break. By now, at the latest, the sore muscles will make themselves felt the next day.

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