Big butt, small waist: Khloe Kardashian's workout will make you sweat

Khloe Kardashian shared her workout on Instagram. Just watching it makes us sweat.

But wait – Khloe as a jock? She’s been showing off six pack abs and defined shoulders on her Instagram posts for a while now. Of course, the followers wanted to know which exercises she used to achieve the fitness transformation.

This is how Khloe Kardashian works out

No Kardashian currently does as much exercise as Khloe. Accompanied by her personal trainer Joel Bouraima, also known as Coach Joe, the 38-year-old mother goes full throttle in an intensive three-round circuit training session.

Khloe’s exercises in detail

Before circuit training, it’s time to warm up well. You can choose your own warm-up exercises, Khloe often decides to do a lap on the Stairmaster. The main part of the Kardashian workout then consists of three rounds of different exercises. Each round is performed four times. Khloe reminds people to stretch before and after their workout.

First Circuit

    10 weighted squats with your heel at an angle

  • deadlifts
  • kneeling lat pull downs keeping your abs tight, shoulders down but get the full stretch

    10 seated shoulder press back straight/ abs engaged

  • 1 min of jump roping
  • 30 seconds of hanging abs

Second Circle

    single arm snatches with a 14 pound weight

    times on each side

  • front weighted squats. Back straight, traps down, tummy tight
  • 14 rows with 14 pound weights

  • kettlebell tricep pushes

  • 25 second side gallops on each side. A total of one minute
  • 25 weighted abs with a 14 pound sand ball

    Third Circle

    • weighted burpee’s
    • mountain climbers

    Khloe Kardashian, the new motivational role model?

    That sounds like a real killer workout! But Khloe goes one step further: According to her coach, she always shows up half an hour before training to warm up. This way, she and Coach Joe can step on the gas for a whole hour. That means: If the training starts at 6 a.m., Khloe is already on the mat at 5: 30.

    The Kardashian trains five times a week. She does circuit training with her coach on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the fully equipped Kardashian Gym. On Wednesdays she does Pilates or cardio on her own.

    Khloe reveals her complete workout plan on her sister Kourtney Poosh’s blog.

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