HIT workout to imitate: full body workout in 12 minutes

With High Intensive Training (HIT), in contrast to High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT), you always stick to one exercise.

These are in a 2:1 ratio in our workout video: So you stay in the load for seconds and then do 15 Pause for a few seconds.

You work as intensely as possible, train until your muscles are exhausted and try to do four sets of the four different exercises.

Trainer Curtis Josiah shows you step by step how to do it, so that you can easily get the HIT in imitate only twelve minutes.

Strength training: That’s why HIT is so effective

  • Time-saving training sessions.
  • The training sessions are very short and intense, which leads to rapid muscle growth.
  • Body fat is reduced.
  • Overtraining is prevented by taking a break from training for several days.
  • High-intensity training promotes anabolic hormone release.

  • How to prepare for the HIT workout

    To perform the exercises, you need a kettle bell, a step board and a TRX, a non-elastic one belt system. Your own body weight is used as training resistance both while standing and lying down.

    Because the straps of the TRX are constantly moving during the workout, you not only train the large muscle chains, but also small muscles close to the joints .

    You should also prepare yourself for the following exercise in a short warm-up phase. This should last five to ten minutes.

    Note that HIT is intended for advanced athletes who have limited time to complete their strength training.

    With these four HIT exercises you strengthen the whole body

    HIT Exercise #1: TRX Back Strength Rows

    The first exercise of the HIT, the TRX Row, is good for developing upper back strength. In addition to strengthening the latissimus dorsi, this exercise also strengthens your shoulders, core and grip strength.

    The fact that you are using your own body weight ensures that the rest of your body is trained as well.

    Here’s how: Grab one TRX strap per hand and position your body in a straight line as if you were in a vertical plank position.

    To the movement to begin, pull your shoulder blades back and move your torso toward your hands. The elbows remain close to the body. Then lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat the exercise for 30 seconds are over.

    You can adjust the difficulty of the exercise yourself by moving your feet a little further forward (more difficult) or backwards (easier).

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    HIT Exercise #2: Mountain Climbers for a Strong Core

    For mountain climbers, also called “mountaineers”, you don’t need any additional tools. With this HIT exercise, you mainly train your abdominal muscles, but depending on the variant, your triceps, chest muscles and back extensors can also be used.

    In the starting position, assume the push-up position. The arms are about shoulder-width apart, the feet hip-width apart. The body is also elongated and the torso and legs are roughly in line.

    Now pull your knees forward in rapid alternation. The faster you go, the more intense the HIT exercise will be.

    Very important: Do not rock your body, but keep your torso tense, otherwise you may experience uncomfortable neck tension.

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    HIT Exercise #3: Split Squat to Overhead Press with Kettle Bell

    For the third exercise of High Intensity Training, Curtis adds an additional weight, a kettle bell. The split squats to overhead press trains the whole body. Above all, the shoulders should be brought into shape and the buttocks should be trained. The abs are also engaged.

    To perform a split squat to overhead press, you need to place one foot slightly behind the other at an angle. The ball of the foot is on the ground, but the heel is in the air. Then you kneel until you reach a 90 degree angle.

    From there, push the hand holding the kettlebell up with your arm straight. At the same time, bring your legs back to the starting position.

    HIT Exercise #4: Push-Up Walk side to side on Step for strong chest

    For the last HIT exercise, you should ideally look for a small elevation, for example a stepping board. If you don’t have one available, you can easily do the exercise like this.

    Since push-up walks side to side on step require good core stability, this exercise is more for advanced users . If done correctly, you can use it to train your chest and shoulders, but also your abs, arms and core.

    Here’s how it works: Support yourself in a plank with both hands on the step board. From here, push yourself down and do a push-up. When you’ve pushed yourself back up, place one hand next to the other with your arms crossed.

    Your arms don’t stay in this position for long, however, because you’re holding the hand that’s in the middle of the stepping board, now stand on the floor next to the board. Here you do another push-up and push yourself back up.

    Then move back to the starting position to do another push-up. Now carry out the same sequence on the other side.

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