Effective workout: Exercise is a real belly fat killer

Surely you’ve heard of Planks. In addition to squats, jumping jacks and the like, this full-body exercise is one of the most popular workouts.

This means the forearm support. Here you train with your body’s own strength – not only your back, legs, hips and buttocks, but also your abdominal muscles. Practiced regularly and consistently, planks slowly but surely make those annoying belly fat disappear.

Only 2x 30 seconds per day

The great thing about Planks: About 2 x 30 seconds a day are enough for the positive effect. If you can’t manage 30 seconds at the beginning, then try the exercise 10-15 seconds and keep increasing.

Before we look at the variants of the plank, you can see in the video how you do the basic planks correctly.

Get rid of belly fat – with planks

Important: In order to challenge your muscles, you should add variety to your workout. The following applies to all exercises: Body tension is the be-all and end-all! We present three plank variations:

1. Elbow Plank

3. Side Plank

Side planks require some practice, but are ultra-effective! How to do it: Lie on your side and support yourself with your right elbow on the floor. Support your left arm on your hips and your feet off the mat, lifting your butt.

Then extend your left arm in the air. Then switch sides. If you also lift the free leg, you will also improve your balance.

You want more plank variations? Then take a look at this video: 560Reading tips649

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