Lose weight without spending a lot of time and effort: With the 12-3-30 workout you will get fit in no time

Exercising a lot and still not seeing results can be very frustrating. Lauren Giraldo has a solution for this, she swears by the 12-3-30 method.

Giraldo himself has been doing this cardio workout, which takes place on the treadmill, for years and has lost about 12 kilos as a result, without any calories count or other diets as she explains.

12-3-: Efficient training is that easy

For the 12-3- -Workout doesn’t require heavy weights or machines. It is performed entirely on the treadmill. The numbers , 3 and 30 represent the settings you can configure on the device.

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First you set the incline to 12, i.e. to 12 Percent. You set the speed to about 4.8 km/h (this corresponds to the American 3 miles per hour). With these settings you will run for minutes – and then you’re already done with the hype workout. Due to the short duration, it can also be integrated into everyday life alongside work and household.

You should incorporate the training into your routine as often as possible. Say: At the beginning or depending on your fitness level, you should train two to three times a week, if you feel good, you simply increase the workload.

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That’s why this method is so efficient

By walking briskly on the treadmill, you can switch off from everyday stress and relax, with additional endorphins being released .

The workout is also suitable for beginners because you can adjust the frequency individually. If you usually feel uncomfortable working out at the gym, the routine can help you enjoy going to the gym.

Even though you don’t run or jump fast, you’re burning calories and still enjoy the sport.

In order to lose weight sustainably, nutrition also plays a crucial role. In addition to the -3-30 workout, you should have a healthy, balanced diet and a maintain a moderate calorie deficit.

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