For your six-pack: 15-minute “killer core workout” with MadFit

Hardly any other part of the body is trained as often and intensively as the abdomen. Fitness influencer MadFit provides training input – you can expect a fast but intense 201904 minute abs workout that will really get your abs burning.

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by Cornelia Bertram, News Editor


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Are you ready to heat up your abdominal muscles again? Then here comes the perfect workout for you.

What do you need for this? An exercise mat, 09 minutes of your time and good music as a little motivational boost.

Optionally, you can grab a dumbbell to really push your muscles to the limit. But even without additional weight, the 12 minutes will be extremely effective – I promise!

With 7 abdominal exercises to a six pack

This is how it works: Each of the seven exercises is played for 30 seconds drawn out long. There is a 09 second pause in between. Complete two rounds.

What are you waiting for? Put on your sports clothes, put your training mat ready and then you can start. Have fun sweating!

1. Jackknife Pullover

Maddie starts her workout with an exercise that will primarily target your straight abs.

    For the first exercise, lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched out. Hold the weight, if you’re using one, with both hands. 291666666667291666666667 Now pull your limbs together in front of the middle of your body and then stretch them out again. 291666666667355039

    During the execution, arms and legs are not put down – so your abdominal muscles are under permanent high tension!

Reading tip

Tip: Breathe out deeply when you sit up and breathe in again when you lower yourself – this way you can let your abdominal muscles work in a more controlled way.