Lose weight on the thighs: Effective exercises & tricks for slim legs

Lose weight on the thighs and finally have slim legs is your wish too? Abdomen, legs and buttocks are said to be problem areas that should be trained, especially in women.

Why is that? Fat cells accumulate particularly easily in this area. If you want to have toned thighs, here’s what you can do.

1. Lose weight on thighs: movement is most important

The thighs are one of the problem areas where love handles first form. To prevent this, one thing is required above all – movement.

Because in order to burn fat, the body needs muscles. Couch potatoes often have untrained muscles – so they lack exactly what could burn fat.

And also, if you want to get back in shape after a cold winter with lots of chocolate and less exercise, must first break the vicious circle and strengthen the muscles. Not so easy, because thick thighs make walking more difficult.

2. Train thighs through movement in everyday life

In order to lose weight specifically on the thighs, strength training in particular helps – in addition to adjusting the calorie intake. A diet alone is not enough, all too often the bones stick out in unwanted places like the collarbones, while the legs still don’t do anything.

You need a diet to get and stay slim in your legs good muscles. The easiest way to avoid building up unwanted fat is to get plenty of exercise:

bike instead of car, walk instead of taking the bus, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get in the habit of using your legs because that’s what they’re designed for. If you don’t use them, they won’t get any better or more beautiful!

3. Strength training against untrained thighs

Through strength training you build up your muscles in a targeted manner and thus create your body’s own power plant, in which you can gradually burn excess fat and use the energy right after eating.

Don’t be afraid that new, strong muscles will damage your Legs bloat optically and they just look “differently fat”: Women initially tighten up, and that’s what you want. Because when you start building muscle, your body first burns fat right where the muscle wants to grow because it needs space to do so.

So you’re trading fat for muscle, and that’s a good thing ! You can have suitable exercises such as the leg press explained to you in the fitness studio.

You can lose fat on your thighs with these exercises, among others:


  • Leg Raises
  • Side Raises

  • Quarter Jumps
  • Hurdle Steps
  • Table Top Tips


  • Climb stairs

  • 4. Endurance training to lose thigh weight

    However, strength training is not the only workout you should do if you want beautiful, slim and fit legs.

    Nordic walking and swimming, for example, are suitable as compensatory training that relaxes the muscles that are tense during strength training. The entire body with all its potential problem areas also benefits from this.

    In general, endurance training such as jogging is ideal for losing weight in the legs and the entire body. This works if you boost fat burning and at the same time keep an eye on your calorie balance.

    Because in order to lose weight, the energy balance counts: you have to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight.

    If you start jogging, then you should take a look at these training plans:

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    5. Lose weight on your thighs with a healthy diet

    A balanced and healthy diet is the key to losing weight. Diets are not helpful in this case. You may be able to lose weight quickly this way, but the danger of the yo-yo effect is very high. And thus the risk that more fat cells will accumulate after the diet.

    Therefore, we recommend that you switch to a healthy diet:

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