The ultimate home workout: functional full body training with our coach

With this full-body workout, you can keep fit from home without any equipment.

You only need a soft surface, something to drink and yourself.

After a short warm-up, our personal trainer Curtis will show you three exercises in a total of three sets to strengthen your legs, core and upper body.

Functional Home Workout: Three sets of three exercises each

Each exercise is performed for thirty seconds, followed by a thirty second break. Do a total of three to four passes. In the first sentence things really get going.

Kneeling To Standing

For the first exercise, start in a kneeling position and then raise one leg. Here it is important that you bring your leg forward under your body – i.e. do not swerve over the sides.

Then push yourself up with the weight on the placed foot into standing position. The same Away, go back until both knees are on the floor again, put the other leg up and push yourself up over it into a standing position.

The buttocks and stomach are tight the whole time tense. Perform the exercise for thirty seconds and then rest for thirty seconds.

Kick Throughs

For the kick throughs you start from the armrest.

One foot you now bring it far forward and place it on the outside next to your hands. Then bring him back to the starting position and switch legs.

If you can do more, if the foot is placed in front, bring the other leg under the body and through the arms to the front and holds it just above the floor.

Hold the position in front briefly and drop the hips, then bring it back.

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Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks follow for thirty seconds. Raise your arms high above your head. Start with your legs together.

Pick up the tempo in the last few seconds.

The second and third sets are also tough

Curtis brings exercises like the swimmer, a plank walkout and the hip bridge, as announced , the whole body in motion.

The following applies to all exercises, buttocks and stomach must be tightly tense. In this way, the entire muscular system is always trained and strengthened.

To have the remaining exercises explained and demonstrated in detail, visit our Fit For Fun YouTube channel or watch the entire video above and join in directly.

The advantages of functional full-body training

Full-body workouts are particularly suitable for those of you who want to build up basic muscles first or in a want to target as many muscle groups as possible during training in order to save time.

Furthermore, full-body training stimulates fat burning. Since all areas are trained, you quickly work up a sweat and do something for the cardiovascular system at the same time.

The lunges and plank exercises are features of functional training. They help to stabilize the entire body and to arm muscles, tendons and joints for everyday stress.

Functional training is therefore also particularly suitable for athletes in other sports.

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