Train without equipment: 6 effective upper body exercises from our personal trainer

Our back carries a lot of loads every day. In order to avoid back pain, in addition to a healthy posture, a trained back is the be-all and end-all.

Couch Bjarne Wiek has put together 6 exercises for your back and arms. Each exercise has 60 seconds of work time and 30 seconds of rest time. All you need is a towel and a mat.

How to train your upper body

1. Exercise:

The arms are stretched out on either side of the body at a 90 degree angle while standing. The backs of the hands face upwards while the arms perform a quick flapping motion. After 60 seconds follows seconds of relaxation time.

2. Exercise:

Here the arms are tensed and quick, springy movements are made backwards. The backs of the hands point outwards. The exercise works the shoulders. When performing this, make sure that you bring your shoulder blades together at the top and back.

3. Exercise:

In the exercise you get on your knees and hands. The lower legs are crossed and raised while the arms are supported on the sides. The hands point forward. Now a push-up is done, which trains the shoulders. Make sure to work from the shoulders. You don’t need to go all the way down.

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4. Exercise:

The exercise works the rear shoulder and latissimus muscles. To do this, lie down on your mat and take the rolled-up towel to hand. Lying on the stomach, the lower legs are crossed and lifted straight off the floor so that as little of the thighs as possible touches the mat. As you raise your legs like this, hold the towel shoulder-width apart in front of you and bring it under your face to your chest. The movement is repeated constantly – without stopping.

5. Exercise:

In the classic push-up, place your feet hip-width apart on the mat and your hands shoulder-width apart. Hands face forward while arms are at 45 degree angles to torso. Your entire body should be in a straight line and supported evenly off the floor by your upper arms. You should tighten your abdominal muscles. Your legs and upper body will not touch the mat again until after the exercise.

Tip: If the exercise is still too difficult for you, you can put your knees down. The abdominal muscles and upper arms are still trained.

6. Exercise:

You lie on your back and pass the rolled up towel under your knees. The legs are set up. With the towel you pull your thighs towards you. Important: Never stretch your arms completely so that you protect the biceps tendon and tense the biceps. The legs are not put down.

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