The Best Places to Start a Family in the US, According to a Recent Study

The Best Places to Start a Family in the US, According to a Recent Study

In a recent analysis conducted by the firm Niche, Illinois and Pennsylvania have emerged as the most promising states in the US for those seeking to settle in a location that offers a superior quality of life for starting a family.

This study compiled and evaluated crucial information from the US Census, Department of Education, and the FBI, considering factors such as educational quality, cost of living, family amenities, and walkability, among other factors, to produce its findings.

Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania, took the top spot in the ranking, thanks primarily to its highly-rated public school system. This Philadelphia suburb has been recognized by Niche in several consecutive years as one of the best places to live in the United States, receiving near-perfect ratings in categories ranging from housing to nightlife, diversity, and family amenities.

“The median listing price of a home in Chesterbrook was $355,000 in February 2024, showing a downward trend of 4% compared to the previous year,” according to data from, cited by CNBC. On the other hand, the median rent for an apartment in this suburb is $2,173, with an average size of about 88 square meters, according to information from RentCafe.

This multifaceted analysis extended to consider other critical factors including crime rates, housing options, and ethnic, generational, and economic diversity. It also placed a special focus on the percentage of households with children and the percentage of residents under 17 years old, criteria that together offer a comprehensive picture of a locality’s suitability for family life.

Long Grove, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, was ranked as the second-best place to raise a family in the United States. This analysis, which evaluated various factors such as the quality of public schools, housing availability, and suitability for families, awarded Long Grove outstanding ratings, with ‘A’ scores in the mentioned categories. However, in aspects like nightlife and diversity, the ratings were ‘B’ and ‘B-’, respectively.

Long Grove stands out for implementing strict construction standards to preserve its unique appearance. These regulations include specific guidelines on sidewalks, fences, and residential street lighting, thus ensuring the conservation of its characteristic aesthetics.

From an economic standpoint, the average value of homes in Long Grove is indicative of the status this suburb represents. With an average market value of approximately $808,847, representing a 7.9% increase over the last year according to Zillow, Long Grove is positioned as a high residential value location.

This top 10 list also highlighted localities like Devon in Pennsylvania, Hinsdale in Illinois, Kensington in New York, Mountain Lakes in New Jersey, Mariemont in Ohio, and Penn Wynne in Pennsylvania, among others.